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Tree Facts

  • Trees are the largest, longest-living organisms on earth.
  • The Bristle Cone Pine is the oldest living tree — one is 4,600 years old!
  • A newly planted tree will require 6 to 8 gallons of water every 10 to 14 days.
  • Trees can increase the value of your property up to 25% or more depending on species, condition, and location.
  • Trees stabilize soil, reduce erosion, and mitigate flooding.
  • Coal is formed from trees that lived during prehistoric times.
  • Trees can reduce gaseous air pollution by up to 5% in urban areas.
  • The state tree of Connecticut is the White Oak.
  • Oak trees are struck by lightning more than any other type of tree.
  • Oak trees can live more than 200 years.
  • 10% of a tree's wood mass is in the underground root system.
  • A  notch in a tree will remain at the same height as the tree grows taller.
  • The cooling effect of a young, healthy tree is equal to10 room-sized air conditioners running 20 hrs/day.
  • Cover the base of a tree with mulch to maintain soil moisture and protection from winter cold.
  • There are 1,182 species of trees found in the U.S.
  • One acre of trees can produce enough oxygen to keep 18 people alive.
  • The cost of regularly maintaining your trees is less than the cost of dealing with damage caused by neglect.
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