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Save & Protect Your Beautiful Birch Trees!

The birch tree has long been a symbol of early American history and a favorite to grace our neighborhoods. But birches are fragile and subject to attack from several common diseases and insects. They need a little TLC!

Graver Tree Care can help you improve and restore the health of your valuable birch trees. Over 15 years of development has resulted in a successful program consisting of 3 steps:

Step 1: Early Spring
Micro-Injection control of Birch Leaf Miner. Their attack is evident by brown blotches or blisters on both sides of the leaves.

Step 2: Midsummer
Micro-Injection control of Bronze Birch Borer. Bumps on the bark almost the size of a quarter indicate borer infestation.

Step 3: Late Summer
Fertilization if required using Micro-Injection
—the most effective way!

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